Since 2010, SIGnature Recruiting has been pairing exceptional people with short-term contracts and long-term careers in Vancouver’s flourishing IT industry.

We have refined a process that focuses on quality over quantity. Because recruiting is a science and an art, not a numbers game. We weigh cultural fit and personality as heavily as skills and experience. Average won’t cut it. We only deal in excellence. Our team of tech recruiters have the foresight to look beyond one transaction. We think in terms of longevity and future potential, instead. We forge relationships that mean more than signing an offer. Essentially, because we care.

We acknowledge that recruiting is a competitive climate, and we aren’t afraid to strategically hunt for find the perfect candidates. Our ethics are never compromised – we see in black and white, not grey. Integrity is paramount. We respect you and we respect each other, priding ourselves on the close-knit team we have curated and nurtured. And, there’s no denying it, we have fun doing what we do.

Leadership Team

Meet our team of carefully selected IT recruiting professionals, working together to perfectly place talent with career opportunities.