Ask These 5 Questions When Picking Your Recruiter

Five Questions For Finding An LTR With A Recruiter

Until there is a Tinder app for finding a recruiter, job hunters must do the work themselves when choosing a recruitment firm.


In the tech and IT field, a steady relationship with a recruiter who “gets you” can be one of the best things for your career development. Researching and evaluating your options can be well worth your time and effort.


Ask these five questions as you hunt for the recruiter who will help find your next great tech job.


1) How well does the recruiter know my field?

Most recruitment firms focus on one industry or a particular position, so it makes sense to partner with a company that has a history of successfully placing candidates in your field.


How well does the firm understand the tech market, hear about the latest job openings, and stay aware of emerging hiring trends? Talk with your peers and do online sleuthing to determine how long the firm has been active in the IT field, the depth of its employer contacts, and placement success.


2) What’s the recruiter’s reputation in the industry?

An endorsement from a friend or professional colleague can be a primary factor in choosing to work with a specific recruiter. Among your friends and colleagues, find out who has worked with a potential recruitment firm and ask for their feedback about the experience. A recommendation from someone you trust can go a long way.


3) What is the recruiter’s process?

Clarify the recruitment process and timelines so that you understand your obligations and the thoroughness of the recruiter. Ask for an explanation of what happens when the recruiter alerts you to a possible tech position. Will they prep you for an interview and how do they negotiate compensation packages?


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4) What is the recruiter’s brand?

You can determine if a company is serious about attracting today’s top talent by figuring out its brand and reviewing its online presence, Does the company’s brand appeal to your professional ambitions and would your ideal employer work with them?


Check out the firm’s website, social media, and blog posts. Does the recruitment firm convey an “all business, all the time” attitude or a personable, relaxed tone? Who is their audience, and how engaged is the company with its online community?


5) Can I really work with the recruiter?

Finally, perhaps the best indicator of the likelihood for an LTR with a recruiter is what your gut is telling you.


Small tech and IT firms often provide more personalized service, allowing you to develop and maintain a good relationship with a recruiter.


Both you and the recruitment firm want a positive relationship, so understanding how you can productively work and communicate together is important. A good recruiter will respect your time and listen to your specific requests.


Find out who likely would be your primary contact. Determine the recruiter’s accessibility via email and phone. After the first interaction, pay attention to how the recruiter follow-ups with you.


What else do you look for when researching a tech recruitment firm?

Let us know!