Where to Find Vancouver’s Best Tech Jobs

For job seekers open to relocation, Vancouver beckons.

Its health-focused lifestyle, international community, and stunning cityscape between snow-capped mountains and dazzling Georgia Strait place Vancouver at the top of the “best places to live” lists. Coupled with a thriving and stable IT industry, Vancouver is a welcoming destination for anyone seeking to advance their tech career and quality of life.

But here’s a local secret: A large number of tech jobs in Vancouver are found outside the city limits.

Out-of-towners ready to pack up the car, baby strollers, and dog for VanCity can be even more successful in their relocation if the suburbs surrounding Vancouver are included in their job search. That Metro Vancouver area includes the downtown core plus Richmond, New Westminster, Burnaby, and Surrey.

Thanks to a sophisticated regional transit system of trains, buses, and ferries, along with an always-improving highway network, commuting between the different areas is easy and commonplace. The region’s public transportation system connects people through its Coast Mountain Bus; SeaBus; SkyTrain; Canada, Expo and Millennium Lines; and West Coast Express.

With their own central downtowns, affordable residential areas, and tech industry employers, Vancouver’s suburbs provide more options for individuals with flexibility in their commute and residence. It is not uncommon for a downtown Vancouver resident to take the Skytrain to Burnaby during the day or a husband and wife to commute back and forth between New West and Vancouver’s Yaletown neighborhood.

Be sure to add these locations to your search for jobs in Vancouver:


By car, Richmond is 20 minutes south of downtown Vancouver. The Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is located in Richmond.

richmond map

Website: http://www.richmond.ca

Don’t Miss: The annual Richmond Night Market, one of the oldest night market’s in North America, and its endless supply of Asian treats and fair food.



New Westminster (aka New West)

In the centre of Metro Vancouver, New West is 20 kilometers east of Vancouver on the banks of the Fraser River.

new west mapWebsite: http://www.newwestcity.ca

Don’t Miss: The Columbia StrEAT Food Truck Festival, British Columbia’s largest food truck festival held in August.





Burnaby is approximately 15 kilometers east of Vancouver. Traveling via SkyTrain from Burnaby’s central Metrotown station to downtown Vancouver takes only 20 minutes.

burnaby mapWebsite: https://www.burnaby.ca

Don’t Miss: Central Park, an 86-hectare urban park with trails and recreation areas underneath douglas fir, western hemlock, cedar, poplar and maple groves.




Surrey is about 32 kilometers southeast from downtown Vancouver.

surrey mapWebsite: http://www.tourismsurrey.com

Don’t Miss: One of the largest New Year celebrations outside of India, Surrey’s festive and fun Vaisakhi Day parade attracts up to 200,000 people every April.



Remember, the tech jobs and ways of life that make Vancouver a great city don’t stop at Vancouver city limits. If relocating to Vancouver is in your future, contact us!

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Translink map of Metro Vancouver http://infomaps.translink.ca/System_Maps/120/MVTM-Apr%202016.pdf


Written by:

Rupinder Gill, Managing Direct





Rupinder Gill, Managing Director, SIGnature Recruiting