Four Industries Thriving During the Pandemic

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Despite significant disruptions caused by the pandemic, the past 18 months have been a boom time for many white-collar industries, especially sectors already with a dispersed workforce. Professionals with the flexibility and capacity to work from their homes have been able to keep their jobs and even grow their careers, as are sectors supporting those industries and directly dealing with the pandemic.


If thinking about a job change, here are a few industries thriving during the pandemic that SIGnature Recruiting is tracking.


In response to the financial volatility caused by COVID-19, many Canadians are turning to financial institutions to help them protect their savings, access financial support and plan a secure financial future. Financial advisors, investment specialists and customer service professionals with experience in the banking sector are, particularly in demand. Banks and other financial institutions have largely successfully amped up their remote and virtual services to respond to customer demand around mortgage deferrals, retirement planning and credit counselling.

Technology and IT

Social media, mobile apps, video conferencing, websites, online ordering systems, and various other digital channels are seeing high volumes as people turn to online channels to buy things and connect with others. And experienced developers and IT professionals are essential for companies to successfully operate their online tools and platforms. Many businesses are scrambling to grow their development teams to increase the capacity of their online systems (from security and customer ordering to inventory control and shipping) and troubleshoot issues that arise during the crisis. Having functional, user-friendly digital channels is especially critical right now as they offer retailers and other businesses a source of revenue while their physical locations are closed.

Other IT sub-sectors are thriving as more Canadians work from home. Help desk, networking and data security companies are responding to new demands as more and more people want to securely access the tools they need and work from home.


As service-oriented businesses switched to a remote work model, the telecommunications industry suddenly had to provide secure internet service to millions of workers spread out over smaller home networks – in addition to business networks. The need for fast and reliable mobile phone networks also increased as phone calls and video calls replaced in-person meetings. With more Canadians needing access to these services, the demand for professionals in telecommunication customer and IT support, installation, maintenance and repair continues to grow.


COVID-19 has profoundly impacted the healthcare industry, and while not thriving in a traditional sense, the industry has a huge need for more workers. Nurses are particularly in demand, as are respiratory specialists, physicians, and paramedics. The huge influx of patients and the resulting disruption to standard operations, such as surgery delays, extended hospital stays and re-purposing of facilities, means the volume and complexity of administrative tasks have surged, leading to an increased need for healthcare administrators.

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Written by: Rachel Shen

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