Do These Four Things Now to Get Hired In 2018

Use This Fall To Prep for Your 2018 Job Hunt

Is 2018 the year you make a job change? Ready to get hired? Read on:

With January and February traditionally being the busiest hiring times of the year, do these four things this Fall for a successful job hunt next year.

1) Connect

There’s a reason that networking is always the first and primary thing to do during a job search: it works.

According to the career site The Balance, “at least 60% — some report even higher statistics — of all jobs are found by networking,” so alert your current and former colleagues, friends, family, even your favorite barista, that you are on the job hunt.

Find out if your network’s employers expect to hire any IT-related positions in 2018, and don’t be afraid to ask for an introduction to an employee at a targeted company or someone with insights about an industry or community.

Also, as you meet with your network, update your reference list and ask for written recommendations. Having accurate reference information ready to submit during the interview phase puts you ahead of other job seekers.

2) Strategize With Your Recruiter

Talking with your current recruiter at the early stage of your job search is invaluable. Once your recruiter knows your timeline and requirements for a new position, she will look out for potential job opportunities for you.

Also, staying flexible in what you want from a job and being open to suggestions from your recruiter pays off. A recruiter is always monitoring the pulse of the industry and knows the reality of the job market. A recruiter also may suggest a position or a company that you never considered because she understands your skill set and personality are perfect fits for the employer.

And if you don’t have a preferred recruiter, now is the time to find one. Get in touch with us to discuss how Signature Recruiting can assist in your job search.

3) Clean Up Your Online Profiles

Review your online profiles so that recruiters and employers can easily find you – and know what they will find.

Google your name and learn what information comes up first. Your LinkedIn profile often is the top result, so spend an afternoon updating the profile. Confirm that your current job position description is accurate and add new responsibilities and accomplishments from the past year. Input referrals and references (see #1) and verify that your profile’s summary and career section contain keywords associated with your desired job.

Also evaluate your personal social media feeds, asking what potential employers will learn about you. Unless you are confident that your Facebook, Instagram and other social media will not harm your job prospects, it may be smart to make some private.

4) Build Your Non-Techie Skills

Since your technical expertise and experiences often will meet the requirements for a position, you can differentiate yourself from other job candidates by showcasing your “people” skills.

Those soft skills, such as managing people, working with distributed teams and communicating effectively, are important when moving into senior positions. Evaluate your soft skills and make sure to include them in your resume and online profiles.

If you are deficient, proactively seek out projects at your current employment to develop the skills. Let your manager know that you want more opportunities to stretch your team leadership and communication experience.

If 2018 is the year for a new job in the IT field, let’s talk, and follow Signature Recruiting on LinkedIn to the latest job opportunities in Vancouver.