Getting to know Jessica Matheson

What *doesn’t* Jessica Matheson do for our company?  She handles internal and external payroll, manages our web site and applicant tracking system, informal tech support, reporting, interfaces with consultants and individuals inquiring about positions, organizes our events, the list goes on and on.  She essentially handles anything that is not directly sales related at SIGnature Recruiting.  Anyone who has dealt with our company has probably communicated with Jess at some point.

A few things that come to mind when I think about Jessica include:

  • The Glue that holds our office together
  • Positive attitude
  • Supermom
  • Strong family core
  • Well-liked by everyone & easy to talk to
  • Former cancan dancer
  • Was a tree planter in a past life
  • Technology and marketing savvy
  • Doesn’t like to shop
  • Smart
  • So much fun

Jess grew up in New West and lives with her 13 year old son in Port Moody.  One of the many things I admire about her is her supermom powers.  For the last few years her son has had weekly 5:30am hockey practices.  The thought of it literally tires me out and is one of the reasons why my kids don’t play hockey!  Not only does she support her son at school and through his extracurricular activities, she often volunteers as team manager for her son’s sports teams.  Jess’ son is a couple of years older than my kids, so I will sometimes go to her for parenting advice on specific situations.  It’s always good to have someone to talk things out with.

She has done so many different jobs in the past that it feels like she has lived a full life.  She was a tree planter one summer, and I hear this is one of the toughest jobs out there!  I’ve enjoyed hearing stories about how she and the other planters had to protect themselves from all the mosquitoes, and how the bears would eat her lunch while she was planting.

Jess is such a positive presence in our office.  She is a glass half full type of person, is a lot of fun, and has a great sense of humour.  She has connected on a personal level with every single person at SIGnature, and I know that our consultants and my clients enjoy dealing with her as well.  I respect her opinion on both any personal dilemmas I may be having, or any SIGnature related issues.

Jess has had such a positive impact on our company and our culture.  Come to think of it, she is the 1st person we hired at SIGnature Recruiting!  She has been with us for almost 7 years, and I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with her.







Written by: Rachel Shen

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