SIG Lunch and Learn: Immigration Law

Immigration Info Session

Today at SIG, our team had a lunch and learn on immigration law in Canada with presenter Johann Contreras from Jeremy Carr & Associates. Over Noodlebox cuisine, Jeremy feed us a wealth of information pertaining to Canadian immigration law, types of work visas, study visas and applying for PR status.

We receive inquiries from all over the world about opportunities in Canada. I feel our team has a better understanding and overview of the various steps involved, what it all means, and who we might be able to help. Each case is truly unique with multiple variables when it comes to obtaining entry into Canada.

If you are seeking advice or immigration law services, I’d be happy to send you over to speak with Johann. Please feel free to get in touch for more information. Thanks again to Johann for taking the time for us at SIG and give us some education around Canadian immigration law.


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