Superhero Powers of Software Engineers

Not all superheroes throw magic lassoes or have self-healing bodies.

In fact, there’s a probably a co-worker down the hall who possesses extraordinary skills.

At Signature Recruiting, we have uncovered the identities of these secret superheroes in the IT and tech industry: your company’s software engineers.

Consider how these amazing strengths of software engineers save the day:

Problem Solver

At his or her core, software engineers solve problems. Their formal education and training equip them with the knowledge and tools to transform evil problems into mathematical equations ready to be conquered.

As their career progresses, software engineers complement those technical skills with real-world business experiences and judgements. Strategic and operational – from understanding the problem, developing a plan, and then executing the solution –  software engineers tackle challenges from all perspectives.

Disciplined & Creative Worker

Software engineers are workers. They commit to finding a solution regardless of the difficulty and complexity of the challenge. A disciplined and methodical work style enables the engineer to remain focused and calm when dealing with major deployments and overlapping deadlines – all of the while, keeping a third eye on his or her time allocations.

We often do not associate creativity with software engineering, but discovering and implementing new ways to untangle complicated problems require creative and original thinking. Software engineers can see hidden patterns and bring together seemingly unrelated ideas.

Perpetual Learner

Good software engineers know that they constantly need to be in learning mode. They prioritize keeping their skills and knowledge relevant to current industry needs by staying up-to-date on the latest programs, tools, software, and trends. That is not an easy task because of the complexity of the field, but engineers are willing to invest time, effort, and personal money for on-going professional education and certification.

Team Player

While the stereotype of the introverted software engineer still exists, most engineers understand that the solution to a problem or creation of a new project requires working as part of a team. The software engineer wants his or her skills to be useful, so being a positive team player is important as is contributing to a good work environment. A friendly (and fun) personality separates average software engineers from super ones.

For the team to perform well, the engineers sense how their work performance and style impacts individuals and the team as whole. Meeting deadlines, sharing information, and offering constructive suggestions are just as important as providing their technical expertise.

Hiding in plain sight, IT superheroes amaze us with their abilities to make our digital world and workplace better.

What do you appreciate about the software engineers in your office? Let us know!