Top 5 Interview Questions Developers Must Be Prepared to Answer

Top 5 Interview Questions Developers Must Be Prepared to Answer

It’s no secret being a developer today means different things: Front-end developers. Back-end developers. Mobile app developers. Software developers in test. The growing list of job titles is just one sign that the IT market in Vancouver is not slowing down and, in fact, expanding with more specialization.

Despite this specialization, all developers should be prepared to answer a set of standard questions about your technical skills and career goals during the first stage of their job interviews. Those are important questions that, if answered comprehensively and clearly, can lead to interviews that drill further into the specific position.


Technical Skills

Here’s your moment to shine and display your knowledge of the technical fundamentals required by the developer position.frame 2

First, understand the company systems, and next brainstorm the likely scenarios and projects you will encounter on the job. Think about specific examples from your background that can be applied to those questions. If not explicit on your resume, definitely make sure to bring up during the interview conversation.

Expect questions that will measure your basic to intermediate proficiency with the company’s preferred framework.


By clearly and directly answering the questions, you help your interviewer understand not only your experiences with specific programs, but also your familiarity with technical issues related to algorithms, construction, implementation, and design. Those types of questions allow the interviewer to assess post itthe depth of knowledge about your own domain and other options currently available in the market.

Also, think about how one question can point to multiple assets that you would provide to the company. How can the strength of your process for solving a problem or puzzle come across in your response to a technical question?



Career Goals

Finally, be prepared to describe how the particular position will contribute to your career development. Give the interviewers some insight into your work style and behavior as an employee, co-worker, and manager.

As with the technical questions, use this answer to point to other important qualities you offer. Select past projects that demonstrate how well you handled a challenging situation and positively contributed to your work environment.


5 Sample Interview Questions Developers Must Be Prepared to Answer

  1. How knowledgeable are you of the company’s development framework?
  2. How well do you understand inheritance/polymorphism? What is your experience in understanding the difference between public and private methods, etc.?
  3. What is your experience with tools and add-ons for the company’s framework, such as the benefits of using JQuery vs. JavaScript?
  4. What are your thoughts about the differences between the company’s preferred framework and others that are available? For example, can you share any experiences from working with Java vs. .NET?
  5. How do this position and company fit within your career goals?

What other questions for a developer position interview do you always prepare for? Contact us with your suggestions.