Why work with SIGnature Recruiting?

Why Signature Recruiting?

After more than a decade of placing thousands of IT professionals at leading technology companies across Western Canada, Signature Recruiting knows that every job hunt is stressful, every career path unique, and the most talented individual sometimes feels overwhelmed.

Our job is to help you.

As a full-cycle, boutique recruitment agency happily rooted in Vancouver, we take pride in treating a job candidate as a whole person with intelligence and values, not only a résumé. We partner with a range of IT professionals throughout their careers:

  • developers working with a recruitment firm for the first time;
  • engineers curious how their current skills stack up in a future job search;
  • in-demand technology professionals evaluating multiple offers from top tech companies.


Here’s what Signature Recruiting offers those and other IT professionals:

An Experienced Partner

Possessing knowledge and relationships from more than ten years of talent management, Signature Recruiting deeply knows the IT market, what industry trends really matter, and which companies to watch.

Our industry expertise, combined with what we learn daily by keeping our ears to the ground, lets us determine how a changing marketplace impacts your career. We know when and where your specialized skills are growing in demand, and whether your career (and earning potential) likely will stall without adding proficiencies in new technologies.

Our candidates have the advantage of working with recruiting experts who best represent them in a dynamic job market. And, our knowledge is used to educate, not improperly influence, our candidates, so they make informed decisions appropriate for themselves.


A Committed Partner

You gain a team positively committed to your success by working with Signature Recruiting.

We start by taking time to learn what’s important to you, from your long-term career plans to immediate salary needs. We provide a straightforward assessment of the value of your skill sets in the industry and discuss how we could assist you in advancing to the next career stage. Even if you are not ready for a job search, we welcome talking about what to expect and if boosting your tech skills would make you a stronger candidate in the future.

For active job seekers, we compare the pros and cons of open positions along with assisting you tailor a résumé and prepare for an interview. We’ll also notify you right away with any developments about a position and give you a heads up about a just-announced opening. And once a job offer is made, we negotiate a salary and benefits package that aligns with what’s important to you.

In short, we are on your side.


A Trusted Partner

Signature Recruiting understands that trust, especially in the IT recruiting industry, is earned through every conversation and meeting. For someone searching for a job or making a career change, every interaction matters. It matters to us too.

We respect your time and get back to you as soon as possible. We set clear expectations for what we provide and then we follow through. We do not require you to exclusively work with us. We submit your résumé only after receiving your permission. We are upfront and give honest advice. The job you are hired for is the job you will do.

Knowing that you can rely on our professionalism, ethics, and transparency means you can trust that your job hunt and career move in the direction right for you.


Your Career Partner

Signature Recruiting helps IT professionals stay smart and advance their unique careers in a fast-moving and competitive industry. Just as you work hard to add value to a company, we work hard to add value to your career.

If you are wondering how relevant your skill set will be in few years or if now is a good time for a new challenge, we are ready to talk.

See what type of roles are open right now: https://sigrecruiting.com/job-search/

Get in touch by calling 604-569-1163 or careers@SIGrecruiting.com