7 Simple Interview Tips for Hiring Managers

Good Hiring Managers Do These 7 Things When Interviewing

Good talent acquisition is essential for the success of a company. A wrong hire can lead to internal headaches, client challenges and a dent in the company’s reputation – not to mention costs of time and money for another round of recruiting.

Though the interview remains the best tool for evaluating and selecting the best candidate, thoughtfully planning for and conducting an interview often gets buried under deadlines or is an after-thought.

If you want to conduct an effective and successful interview, but are uncertain about what to do, here are several things good hiring managers do when they conduct interviews.

1) Move Fast

With the high demand for IT professionals, job seekers are juggling interviews and offers from multiple companies. Once your recruiter identifies a qualified candidate and recommends that you interview them, move as fast as possible to book the meeting, accommodating their schedules as much as possible.

2) Prepare Questions

Go into the interview with specific questions and topics, making sure they are appropriate to the position and, of course, legal. Odd or rambling questions will make you look unprofessional and likely leave a negative impression with a promising job candidate. However, asking about the candidate’s background and interests outside of the office can generate information that complements their resume. Besides technical skills and certifications, life experiences can give you a deeper understanding of the job candidate.

3) Consider Culture Fit

It is a given that people who make it past the initial screening and into the interview possess a good amount of the qualifications for the position.

So, what is the deciding factor for offering the job? Culture fit. Ask questions to determine how the candidate will integrate into the current team environment. Assuming you are not wanting to shake things up, an ideal candidate will have the interpersonal skills that mesh with the work environment and teams.

You could hire someone with lots of technical know-how but challenged to work well with others. In those cases, it might make more sense to select someone less qualified, but capable of learning, and able to thrive in the office culture.

Remember, you can teach a skill, not a personality.

4) Check in With Recruiter

Consult your recruiter before and after the interview with questions. It is in their best interest that you hire the right person who benefits the company, so consider them you on-call interview coach.

5) Be Courteous

Good manners matter when wooing your next team member. The job candidate pays attention not only to the interview questions, but also your demeanor and communication style (are you actively listening and visibly engaged?), interactions with other interviewers and your attire as signs of what to expect if hired.

Be punctual. Explain the hiring timeline. Thank the candidates for their interest and time. If it is evident during the interview that the candidate will not be a finalist, then graciously end the meeting. If they are still in the running, let them or their recruiter know – and if they are no longer being considered, let them know too. It’s ok not to waste their or your time.

6) Let Interviewees Interview You

Even if you must skip planned questions, allocate at least 10 minutes for the interviewee to ask questions. You can find out about the candidate’s preparation, technical and communication skills, and knowledge of the company through their questions and how they ask them. Think of it as another way to gather information about the candidate and a chance for you to share things not discussed. Welcoming their questions shows that you and your company value employee’s opinions and their engagement.

7) Respond

After the interview, respond to follow-up emails or phone calls from job candidates. You want to them to have a good impression of you and your company, even if you did not extend an offer.

A positive interview experience can lead to a stellar new employee and an advocate for your company – all signs of a good hiring manager.

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