Letter from the SIGnature Recruiting leadership

We started SIGnature Recruiting in 2010 after having been successful at our last company. We hoped to learn from our past mistakes as well as the mistakes we had observed from our competitors.

The number one complaint from candidates was that recruiters didn’t get back to them or give them feedback. The number one complaint from clients was that recruiters tried to send candidates to them without doing proper vetting.

Our initial philosophies, which have stuck, were to listen to the requirements, both from the client and candidate, and to get back to everyone, even if it’s to give them not so great news or to let them know there was no update yet. Our mission statement, core values, vision, and culture came together organically from there.

Our Mission

To be the preferred IT recruitment agency for the best employers and the best candidates in the Greater Vancouver area.

Our Core Values

  • There is no grey when it comes to ethics. Only black and white.
  • Recruiting is not a job. It’s a profession. Approach it with passion and with the desire to continuously learn and improve.
  • Respect our clients, candidates and colleagues.
  • We are not satisfied with average. We strive for excellence.

Our Vision

We will make a positive impact on all our clients and candidates’ careers and will be their trusted partners and subject matter experts.

Our Culture

  • Ethics – we see things in black and white.
  • We strive to be high performers and have the drive to overcome obstacles.
  • We are constant learners, open to feedback and want to be continually improving.
  • Our environment encourages healthy competition.
  • We respect each other, our candidates and our clients.
  • We celebrate our successes.

We hope this resonates with you. If this aligns with how you would like to approach your relationship with a recruitment or career partner, we’d love to talk to you!

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Rachel Shen, Managing Director 











Rupinder Gill, Managing Director